Chapter 2: Lynda and I Get Hooked on Fitness

The strength and vitality we were experiencing was remarkable. I was finding it easier to not only do manual chores around the house, but I could work 10 to 12 hour days without tiring both physically and mentally.

Lynda was also gaining strength, had abandoned the days of yo-yo dieting, and was starting to totally reshape her body. Around that same time she also gave up a stressful career in nursing, so we could not only work together but also be more available to be part of our growing children’s lives. It was ironic, that as a nurse,Lynda was a supervisor at a nursing home, and our service business supplied and installed blinds and draperies for nursing as well as residential homes.

Why was this relevant?
We were both exposed to the horrors of advanced age and declining health. If this was our sole experience, one would’ve thought that this was the inevitable result of getting old. However with our exposure to such a wide variety of families and lifestyles, it was clear that there were just as many possible outcomes as we age.

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