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Chapter 3: The Body | A Self Healing Mechanism

The notes I was keeping proved to be very valuable. It enabled us to adjust our nutrition and training programs to yield the maximum results. By keeping track of everything, it made it easier to see what was working and what wasn’t. At 44 years of age I was 235 pounds of solid muscle, could bench and squat over 300 pounds, dead lift over 400 pounds, while only carrying about 10% body fat.

Lynda’s progress was just as remarkable. She had the tight sculpted body of a 30 yr old fitness enthusiast, sported an impressive set of guns (biceps for the uninitiated ) and could do chest presses with 60 lb DUMBELLS in each hand!

However along with the increase in strengths , came the increased risk of injury. We each had our share of strains and sprains, but I was the first of us to get a more serious injury.

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