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Chapter 7: Something’s Wrong!

Lynda and I had settled into our new roles. We had started scaling back our late night weekends, were trying to provide a healthy environment for my mom and adjust to the role of caregivers, and were thoroughly enjoying our grandchildren.

Our family was growing, and we were trying to impart some of our knowledge to our children and their families. As I mentioned before, after our visit to the naturopath, and the discovery that Lynda had elevated inflammation and rheumatoid markers, we started expanding our research and education.

We were now juicing on a fairly regular basis, had switched a large portion of the food we bought to organic, and started looking for better sources of meat, dairy, and eggs. We had also eliminated any farm raised fish. We were also including different green powders, and fish oils into our supplementation protocols.

My natural curiosity led me to start doing more research. It was around this time, that I came across a book by Kevin Trudeau, called “natural cures they don’t want you to know about.” While Mr. Trudeau has since been disgraced, it did lead me towards some interesting resources. I became familiar with the work of Dr. Weston Price, and the writings of Sally Fallon. I also came across a book from Mike Adams, called the “seven laws of nutrition”. This was right around 2006. At the time Mike had a website that is now, NaturalNews.com. It was through the articles on this website that I was introduced to another visionary by the name of Dr. Joseph Mercola.

It was clear to me that there were a lot of things going on in medicine and our food system that at best, just didn’t make sense, and at worst, seems to be against laws of nature. I was becoming more convinced, that if one wanted to remain healthy, or recover from a health challenge, one would need to do their homework and take certain matters into their own hands. So this is what we did.

We were continuing to spend time at the gym strength training, getting in more walking and outdoor activities. We had even tried some rock climbing at the suggestion of our son. While that was fun, it wasn’t quite our cup of tea LOL.

Lynda was starting to make some changes in her life. She decided that drinking alcohol was counter intuitive to being healthy, and she was relying on it too much for stress control, so she started to address the underlying issues that had made her feel it was necessary for having fun and relaxing.

She would meet a Somatic counselor that would have a major impact on her life. She had talked to others in her past, but this was the first time that she felt a strong connection, and found someone that really understood her. It was through these sessions, that Lynda realized there were traumas in her life going back to her birth.

You see, Lynda was two months premature at birth. Growing up, her dad, who had grown up in an orphanage, was never really in touch with his feelings, and had trouble showing love and affection. It wasn’t that he didn’t love his family, But he was uncomfortable showing it and dealing with emotions. For example, when Lynda came home from kindergarten and found her best friend (dog) had accidentally decapitated himself with his choke chain trying to get at the neighbors cat, the dog was just buried and never spoken about again. There was no need to talk about feelings, because life was hard.

Hell, he worked in hell, actually the steel plant where every day with a challenge just to stay alive and survive. But he did what he had to do to provide for his family. There was no time or room for emotions, those would just wear you down and make you weak. He just didn’t realize the effect that this was having and his family. This was something that he wouldn’t realize until many many years from then. As are matter-of-fact, that wouldn’t happen until he was starting to face his own mortality.

This was a tough challenge for Lynda. Quitting alcohol proved to be a rough road for a time, but with my support and that of her family, Lynda persevered and was victorious. The only one who really couldn’t understand, was my 94-year-old mom LOL. She couldn’t understand the struggles that people face at times. Hell, she survived the depression, the loss of her mom when she was only nine years old, and untold tragedies and challenges throughout her years. She was lucky, she had memorized the serenity prayer, end it was her guiding light throughout her life. I remember asking her a few years after my dad had
passed away if she missed him. Her reply was, I do, but not that much that I’m ready to join him LOL.

She would make it to 97 1/2 years old. Talk about a full, long life. She would be with us until the last six months of her life, when her care became too demanding for us, and she really needed closer supervision as we could see that she was starting to become more frail. Unfortunately, between the food and lack of supplementation that she had received living with us, she went downhill fairly quickly in the atmosphere of the nursing home. We were hoping that the socialization, something that she was missing living with us, would be of some benefit. But she just never felt comfortable around others after her eyesight and hearing got severely compromised. All she really wanted was her family around her.

It was during these years, that Lynda’s health started to take a turn for the worst. It started somewhat mundane at first, with an unexplained fever one time, and some unusual joint pain. But that cleared up in a short time, and things seemed OK for a while. One thing we were noticing, is that any time Lynda got a bug bite, she would have these strange inflammatory skin reactions.

Around the same time, I had been reading about the damaging effects of the dental amalgams. Trying to make sense of what was going on, I started thinking back on what events in Lynda’s life may have been causing these reactions. She would develop these large blotches surrounding the bites, plus she seems to attract more than her fair share of mosquitoes. After the initial bite she would get a large reddish purple blotch around the area of the bite, and it seemed to leave some under skin discoloration, almost as though she was bleeding under the skin. From what I was reading, it seemed that in some people, the Mercury contained in the amalgams, could be problematic for some, and cause a mercury toxicity. It was time to ramp things up a little bit.

We did some 30 day nutritional cleanses , which seemed to help to a certain degree, but wasn’t really getting the job done. We started experimenting with different nutritional supplements and protocols, to help her body start to lessen it’s toxic burden, added more juicing, and look deeper into the realm of detoxification. I was also reading more about the possibility of amalgams and other issues creating an in balance in gut Flora, specifically an overgrowth of something called Candida.

Then, in September 2011, Lynda had gotten a mosquito bite on the front of her shin. It went through the same progression as all the other bites, except for one thing. This one never totally healed. It caused a small scab that just never completely went away. This went on for sometime, and Lynda always had A Band-Aid on her shin. She never really brought it to my attention, and somewhat kept it to herself. Being that we were going into colder weather, the Band-Aid wasn’t visible, therefore I never mentioned it to her.

In February 2013, Lynda went for a weekend trip with our daughter and her friends to Vermont. It was a perfect opportunity to play outside, and have some fun in the snow. The downside, is that wearing the high boots irritated this wound. All of a sudden, this wound went from the size of a quarter, to a 12 x 12 cm deep open wound, in the matter of a few weeks. As you can imagine, this really frightened Lynda, so much so, that she was afraid to bring it to my attention.

But being married for as many years as we were, I just knew that something was wrong. Finally one day I confronted her. I told her I knew something was bothering her, and asked her if something was going on with her leg. Well she just broke down and started sobbing. She said, “I am so scared”. So I said you have to show it to me. She replied, I can’t, if I do you want to take me directly to the hospital. That’s the last place I want to go.

Up until this point, we didn’t even have a family doctor. Why bother going, you would only get a prescription for something. This gives you an idea where our mind was at this point in our lives. But I knew that it needed to be looked at. So I did a little research, and found a doctor nearby that took a holistic view point of healing. Now this sounded like the kind of doctor I could feel comfortable with. So I called and explained the situation, and they got us in the very next day.

Up until this point I hadn’t even seen what was brewing. When we went to the doctor, Lynda had a bandage in a wrap on her leg. But I could tell that something was definitely brewing. Whenever the doctor cut the bandage off, my heart just broke. The fact that my poor wife have been dealing with this on her own and was too scared to bring it to my attention just made me want to put my arms around her, tell her I loved her, and figure out a way to make this better. But I knew it wasn’t going to be that easy. What we found was a 12 x 12 cm deep open wound. It was like looking at raw meat.

The doctor took one look at her leg, and said oh my God, you need to go to the hospital now, not tomorrow or the next day, but stop home, pack a small bag, and go directly to the hospital immediately. She said you could become septic and die. At first Lynda squawked, but both the doctor and I agreed that this wasn’t up for discussion. When we arrived at the ER, they got us in pretty quickly, and unwrapped the bandage. Talk about creating a buzz, the staff immediately went into action. They did tissue samples, bone scans, tested for infection, did x-rays, you name it they did it.

Being the diplomats that they are, the first thing one of the doctors said, is we hope you can we can save your leg. It turned out the bone was fine, there was some infection, but it was mild. They started throwing around some ideas of diagnoses. Pyodermagangranosum and cryoglobulin anemia ! To me that just sounded like, we have no idea what’s wrong so we’re gonna put this crazy name on it because that’s all we can come up with at the time.So the course of action was set. Hi doses of both antibiotics and steroids. We went from having no doctors, to having a rheumatologist and a dermatologist.

After three months of treatment, they weren’t satisfied with the progress, and wanted to switch to methotrexate, an immunosuppressive chemo drug. I was mentioning to the doctors about the things that I have been reading, but they clearly had no interest in my opinion. They did however, feel that our diet and lifestyle had probably saved Lynda’s life, as
whatever was going on, would have clearly been much worse. Lynda and I both knew the the consequences of such treatment. So it was time to cut ties and search for alternative therapies.

The next four years would be an unbelievable journey, kind of like peeling back the layers of an onion. Every time we think we were heading in the right direction, we would discover another System that was affected. We spoke with naturopaths, homeopaths, and a variety of other holistic healers. Each one we spoke with gave us another clue. We were finally able to get some testing done, which had confirmed my earlier suspicions. Lynda was dealing with high levels of heavy metals, gut dysbiosis, and a Candida overgrowth.

We took courses in Qigong, that certified to teach, which included special courses in nutrition. Lynda had tried Herbal Remedies, acupuncture, and special detoxification protocols. Then at the suggestion of one of the integrative doctors we had met, We had Lynda’s hormone levels checked. The conclusion, some of the worst levels they had ever seen. The years of stress, The effects of the disease, and the high doses of prednisone, had totally depleted her adrenals and all her hormone levels were shot.

It was during this time that I had been introduced to teachings by Dr. Wallach, and started listening to GCN radio, to an integrative pharmacist by the name of Ben Fuchs. Most of the things they talked about nutritional deficiencies especially important nutrients and minerals, and ways to rebalance the body. While looking through other programs on this channel, I
came across another program, called the Robert Scott bell show. I started listening to his show, and for some reason it resonated with me. The things that he presented just made sense. There was one cohost that he had on with him once a week, by the name of Dr. Rashid Buttar.

There was one thing for sure, while I had read and studied a lot over the years, I still had somuch to learn.

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